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Working as a Movement Director for me is not only about helping the director realise and manipulate the physical world of a play or production from a visual stand point, but also about empowering performers to realise the brilliance of their own physical being and unlocking the infinitely unique physical choices open to them.

I continue to work as an actor, as I believe developing my own understanding of how to interpret text and how to serve a play using my body helps me communicate simply and effectively with performers of any physical ability. I thrive on working with dynamic, playful actors and love being able to help them draw out interesting and vivid performances.


My work as a Movement director notably includes Land of Our Fathers, which was Winner of Time Out’s Critic’s Choice and Fringe Show of the Year 2013. It subsequently made a West End transfer and completed a UK tour the following year, both of which I did the movement direction on with new casts. 

I recently started working with movement director, Eloise Secker, to become a movement direction duo, Play Dead

Play Dead provides an incredible opportunity for people to work with a gender-balanced duo, to create a movement language that is clear and supports the storytelling. We work together to achieve something that has the potential to excite or challenge an audience visually in ways they haven’t experienced before.

It's basically a two for one deal, and who doesn't love a creative bargain.



"Mark is a bubbly, playful and professional creative to have in the room and is a great team player. He’s great at putting the actors at ease”

Tara Finney, Producer

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