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Photo: Helen Murray

Isaac Came Home From the Mountain - Figh


(As movement support and fight director to Nancy Kettle)

Longlisted for The Bruntwood Prize, the World Premiere of Phil Ormrod's searing new play about searching for a future in the dying heart of England.


"That fire - I know you feel it. If you wanted, you could take everything …"


Bobby's out of school and out of work. There's nothing going and nowhere to go.

A job with Mike seems like everything he needs.

A steady wage. A bit of self-respect. A chance to make good.

If only it were that easy.


Driven by a dogged determination to prove his worth, Bobby makes a devastating mistake that leaves him without the hope of a future.

Director: Carla Kingham

Movement: Nancy Kettle
Designer: Eleanor Bull
Lighting: Ali Hunter
Carla Kingham Productions in association with Theatre503

"Every inch of the space is used well thanks to

fight director Mark Conway and movement

director Nancy Kettle.

Several of the gasp-inducing tussles, slaps and rough shoves felt very masculine and tantalisingly real." - Candid Cocoa

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