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‘On a Greek Island, a parent and child fear for their safety and dream of a better life on foreign shores.  They know they must flee, but how? The sea is obstructed but the sky is open..’

In a new version of the ancient fable of Icarus, The Wild and the Innocent use a live score, puppetry and a gaggle of twitchers to ask: What does it mean to exist on an island? What happens when borders go up? And how do you let your child spread their wings?


I was brought in to work on this R&D with a specific task of exploring flight and how to make the performers fly. There was the additional challenge of the performers being actor musicians and how they could excitingly incorporate live music into their flight as well with a cast of five.

About The Wild and The Innocent

Live music is at the heart of our storytelling and we want to bring ancient stories into the now and explore their relevance in todays world. Being committed to greater representation of women in theatre is also a key component to our company and telling female-led stories is something we are deeply passionate about.

After this R&D The Flight went on to be named Icarus and perform work in progress shows at Vault Festival 2020 and Nottingham Playhouse.

(Both of which I was not on board as movement director)

New Actor-Musician theatre company The Wild and the Innocent use live music, puppetry, clowning and loud shirts to ask: Should you always listen to your elders? Is the sky the limit and who's story is this to tell?

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